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ELC - Super Sounds Electronic Drum Kit

ELC - Super Sounds Electronic Drum KitDetail Produk
Age range : 3 years and over

Play along and create your own funky sounds and electronic beats

Requires 3 x AA Batteries batteries

Playing tips…
Little drummer
Let's drum along to a tune, or invent our own cool beats.
We can practice using the tom tom, snare, bass drum and cymbal – all together.

Rock star maker
Let's pretend we're in a band, favourite tracks and compose our own mega hits.
Rock star maker and playing for a huge crowd.
We can play along to our own mega hits.

Great for:
Developing fantastic coordination
Encouraging natural rhythm
Feeling like a superstar!
Playing with friends in a band
Listening and playing along to music
Inspiring young music fans.


Harga: Rp.95.000

VTech - Kidibeats Kids Drum Set

VTech - Kidibeats Kids Drum SetDetail Produk
Recommended ages: 2 - 5 years
Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 12.1 x 11.5 inches

Kids drum set has 4 modes of play: Free Play, Letters, Numbers, and Follow-Along; each drum features a unique LED light


Harga: Rp.75.000

ELC - Light and Sounds Activity Table

What's in the box
1 x Activity table
2 x Colourful balls
1 x Hammer
ELC - Light and Sounds Activity TableDetail Produk
Fitur dan Benefit untuk Light and Sounds Activity Table

Activity table with a host of different games
Flashing lights and funny sounds
Comes with hammer to tap balls through holes
Loud or soft mode
Encourages standing

Berat : 4 kg


Harga: Rp.90.000

LeapFrog - Peek a Shoe Talking Octopus

Age range : 9 months - 3 years
LeapFrog - Peek a Shoe Talking OctopusDetail Produk
Numbers and counting
Help your child identify numbers to name quantities of objects. Watch as your child learns to count and compare sets of objects.
Colors and language development
The octopus teaches your child to identify and name colors and words to describe himself or herself and the world. These activities foster language development.
Music and motor skills
Your child can press the octopus’ collar to add music to the learning experience for added stimulation. As your child plays and learns, he or she develops the motor skills that allow children to coordinate the muscles needed to pull, push, grasp, point and write.


Harga: Rp.75.000

ELC - Lights and Sounds Musical Buggy Driver

Dimensi (cm) : 13 x 39 x 20

Berat : 1,3 kg
ELC - Lights and Sounds Musical Buggy DriverDetail Produk
What will we play today. Strike up the band! All you need to make super fun sounds with a keyboard, drums, cymbals and more. Perfect on-the-go fun!

At Early Learning Centre, we do all we can to help moms help children grow into happy, self-confident people. We create fantastic toys - toys that help develop vital skills, toys that help children get off to the best possible start, and toys that are tremendous fun.

All our toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, to make learning fun and help children be all they can be.


Harga: Rp.40.000

ELC - Superstar keyboard

Age Range : 3-6 years
ELC - Superstar keyboardDetail Produk
31-key keyboard has flashing lights, a stand for music or lyrics, lots of rhythm and instrument sounds, and drum buttons to hit.
There are a record and playback function, volume and tempo adjuster and detachable microphone


Harga: Rp.95.000

Chicco - Talking Garden Activity Table

Chicco - Talking Garden Activity TableDetail Produk
The Chicco Talking Garden Activity Table includes many activities to help baby become familiar with words in both English & Italian.

The table can be used in two modes:

1. Language Learning Mode: Baby can discover the alphabet (A-Z), numbers (1-10), shapes, colors, opposites and textures, as well as several "first words" with the help of the fun songs and cute characters.

2. Music Play Mode: Baby can play with melodies, fun sound effects and nursery rhyme songs. Activity areas also use synchronized flashing lights to capture the baby's attention and to stimulate interactive playtime.

Removable legs for play time on the floor or for convenient storage and travel. Batteries Included.


Harga: Rp.95.000

ELC - Lights and Sounds Buggy Driver

Keep your baby busy and happy on the move with this activity-packed steering wheel and dashboard.
ELC - Lights and Sounds Buggy DriverDetail Produk
Age Range: 3 months and up


Harga: Rp.40.000

ELC - Xylopiano

Age: 3 to 6 years
ELC - XylopianoDetail Produk
It’s a xylophone. It’s a piano. It’s a xylopiano! Two rows of color-coded keys make this 2-in-1 instrument a colorful addition to your child’s musical repertoire. Prop one of the color-coded song sheets up and play away on the xylophone…then try the piano. The clever color-coded notes work for both. The xylopiano features built-in storage for the song cards and mallets (included).
Plus, kids develop fine motor skills and musical awareness while they play.


Harga: Rp.40.000

Vtech - Sing N Discover Piano

Usia: 8— 24 Bulan
Vtech - Sing N Discover PianoDetail Produk
Select one of the two modes of play, learning or music mode on this educational toy, to learn colours, animals and instruments. Features 5 light-up piano keys and buttons as well as a large drum. Musical toy also includes a detachable microphone for your little star to sing along to the sung songs and popular melodies. Flashing lights and fun sound effects provide audio and visual stimulation.

Berat : 1 kg


Harga: Rp.65.000

Vtech - 3 in 1 Band

Turn your guitar into a piano or drum through the 3 play modes. Guitar with air pressure sensor and motion sensor. Sound effects and music selection lever. Take your music and creative play them.
Usia: + 3 Tahun
Vtech - 3 in 1 BandDetail Produk
Berat : 1 kg


Harga: Rp.65.000

Vtech - Winnie The Pooh Sit n Play Learning Center

Piano and instrument keyboard
Flipping storybook
Shape buttons with pop-up insects
Learning Mode and Music Mode
Spinning Tigger, Piglet, Pooh .
Usia: + 9 Bulan
Vtech - Winnie The Pooh Sit n Play Learning CenterDetail Produk

Berat : 1 kg


Harga: Rp.80.000