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Chicco - Talking Garden Activity Table

Chicco - Talking Garden Activity TableDetail Produk
The Chicco Talking Garden Activity Table includes many activities to help baby become familiar with words in both English & Italian.

The table can be used in two modes:

1. Language Learning Mode: Baby can discover the alphabet (A-Z), numbers (1-10), shapes, colors, opposites and textures, as well as several "first words" with the help of the fun songs and cute characters.

2. Music Play Mode: Baby can play with melodies, fun sound effects and nursery rhyme songs. Activity areas also use synchronized flashing lights to capture the baby's attention and to stimulate interactive playtime.

Removable legs for play time on the floor or for convenient storage and travel. Batteries Included.


Harga: Rp.95.000

Chicco Steam Sterilizer

Sterilises up to 7 bottles without internal support. Sterilises up to 6 bottles with internal support. Transparent cover to allow you follow the sterilisation cycle. One button to start the cycle. Practical, very compact and functional. Suitable for all environment. 15 minutes of sterilisation.
Chicco Steam SterilizerDetail Produk


Harga: Rp.80.000